• School Health and Related Services (SHARS) is a Medicaid program designed to allow school districts to receive the Federal Financial Participation percentage (FFP) of reimbursement for health services delivered to Special Education students who are Medicaid eligible. The Houston ISD established the Medicaid Finance & Consulting Services (MFCS) Department with the specific mission of providing professional consulting and decision support services to other school districts to maximize their Medical Revenue with excellence customer service and provide SHARS training that meets Medical regulatory compliance. Medicaid Finance & Consulting Services is uniquely qualified and experienced in fiscal and operational areas that assist the client school districts in maximizing their SHARS Medicaid Revenue. We are proud that…

    • We have 27+ years of experience in SHARS billing
    • 70% of our client districts have been with us for over 10 years
    • We have increased our clients SHARS reimbursement on average of 70-75% above their previous billing system
    • eSHARS is known as the leader and innovator in SHARS billing services
    • We have lowered fees for all Texas districts through our competitive fee structure
    • We offer unmatched expertise in SHARS finance, regulations, and compliance

    HISD Response Document to HHSC Proposed Changes July 2024

    Proposed Changes to 355.8443 Reimbursement Methodology for School Health and Related Services (SHARS) Comments on Proposed Rule 22R067