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  • Houston Independent School District
    Student Supports
    1417 Houston Avenue 
    Houston, TX 77007

    Telephone: 713-556-6800
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    Hazel Health's telehealth services are currently available on 88 of our campuses. This partnership enables HISD students to benefit from no-cost virtual physical and mental health care during this academic year. Hazel Health's licensed providers help students with everything from stomach aches and rashes to anxiety and depression. Hazel services are available at home, Monday - Friday, from 7 am - 7 pm, and at school during school hours. 

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  • The district is partnering with EveryDay Labs to enhance attendance-related communication with families and ensure school and district staff have the data to identify students needing support and monitor their progress. EveryDay Labs is sending attendance nudge communications to families via mail and text, with a goal that 60%+ of students who receive these nudges will improve their attendance.

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