New Education System

NES and NES-aligned schools had significantly higher academic growth than non-NES schools on mid-year exams.

Source: Preliminary mid-year NWEA MAP data, January 2024

  • Schools in HISD’s New Education System (NES) receive additional resources and support to dramatically improve academic performance and give students a variety of enriching opportunities.

    NES schools:

    • Use an innovative staffing model to ensure students receive consistent high-quality instruction. The model also allows teachers to focus on their core work and have better work-life harmony.
    • Pay teachers and staff higher salaries and differentiate compensation based on the subject taught as well as rigorous teacher and leader evaluation systems.
    • Have a specific instructional program and receive extra resources and support.
    • Provide Art of Thinking courses to teach students critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as well as how to assess, evaluate, and effectively use information.
    • Provide specialty classes in the areas of fitness, music and fine arts, 21st-century media and technology, and hands-on science. These classes supplement schools’ existing electives and magnet programs and are taught by community consultants with specific knowledge and skills.
    • Offer free trips for middle school students to experience new places and cultures.

    The NES is the largest and most significant effort to transform K-12 education in the United States. While other districts have tried to improve schools by taking incremental steps—such as adopting a new curriculum or expanding certain programs—the NES involves whole-scale, systemic reform. Launched at underperforming campuses across HISD in the fall of 2023, the NES is designed to dramatically improve academic performance, close achievement gaps, and ensure Houston's students graduate prepared for the modern workplace and world. It is an ambitious effort for our city—and, indeed, the nation—with the potential to remedy decades of ineffective K-12 policies and prove what is possible for America's students.

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