• G-Unity Business Lab

  • G-Unity Business Lab will help students envision their futures as the next generation of minority entrepreneurs and business leaders.   

  • The G-Unity Business Lab was designed for all high school students. All students are eligible for enrollment; however, priority will be given to junior and senior level students.

    The G-Unity Business Lab program will include:

    • A 28-week business and entrepreneurial Internship Program
    • After-school labs day twice a week for 2-hours each
    • Introduction to foundational business methods and principals
    • On-site classes at Kashmere, Wheatley, Worthing, Yates, B.T. Washington and Madison 
    • Opportunities for students to present to and get feedback on their business ideas from local business owners
    • A chance for students to win seed funding to start their own business

  • "Following COVID, providing the opportunities and tools for people to make their path easier in entrepreneurship, it’s exciting to be a part of that. And a great way to start things in Houston. It’s three schools now, but it’s going be a lot more. Watch me." – Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

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