About HISD

  • HISD strives to be the best public school district in the nation. Our district is firmly committed to providing all children with a consistent and rigorous education and a safe school environment.  We are doing great work to increase graduation rates and better prepare our students for the road ahead.  And we are seeing strong results across the district. Just take a closer look at the numbers, and you will see that this is an exciting time to be a part of a district on the rise.

    Our community plays a vital part in what our district is able to accomplish and we value the support our community partners provide.  Just recently, community stakeholders from all over including employees, parents, and students pulled together to provide overwhelming support for the passing of a $1.89 billion schools bond which will modernize outdated campuses to better meet the needs of our students.   This is just one of many testaments that make our district proud and continuously encouraged about the great work we are doing to significantly and positively impact HISD students' lives.
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