Copier Access

  • District employees (and other approved personnel) may use their HMWESC ID badges to make copies on any machine located in the building by holding them next to the controller box and letting the remote frequency ID sensor read the embedded microchip.

    This service is managed by Administrative Services (Graphics, 713-556-6041), which can be found on the far east end of the first floor. Any copies made using ID cards are billed to the respective employee’s department of record.

    Copier access will need to be updated for employees who get a replacement badge.
    Fee Information

    • If you have not previously been issued a HMW ID badge, then there is NO FEE.
    • If your name, title or department has changed, then there is NO FEE.
    • If your badge is lost or damaged, then you will need a replacement badge at a cost of $5.00.
      If you think the damage is due to a defect in the badge, then please inform the front desk.