Legislative Budget Board

  • Texas State Capitol

  • The Legislative Budget Board School Performance Review Team conducted a review of the management and performance of the district’s educational, financial, and operational functions during calendar year 2019. Analysis of the review findings was completed during late fall of 2019. The finalized report included 94 recommendations in five major categories:

    • Strengthening spending practices and improving financial monitoring
    • Reorganization and realigning of staff, departments, and functions
    • Standardization of programs and services
    • Improvement of communication, planning, and procedures
    • Improvement of board operations

    The purpose of the recommendations is to enable the district to improve overall performance of the services it provides to students, staff, and the community.

    The LBB report also shares model practices and programs based on comparison to state and industry standards and in line with relevant state and federal statutes.

    It is intended that district leadership use the LBB report to determine priority, implementation timeline, and the method of implementation for each of the recommendations.

Legislative Budget Board
Implementation Process
Progress Monitoring and Evidence Reporting

Cross-functional team meetings and check-ins are conducted by the LBB Project Manager to monitor progress and review evidence for completion.

Projected completion timelines by recommendation are adjusted based on information obtained.

Recommendation Completion

Once evidence has been reviewed and a recommendation is deemed complete by the owning department's management and the LBB Project Manager, evidence is submitted for further review by the Superintendent and Cabinet.

Progress Reporting

Updates are provided to the Board on progress made on the implementation of LBB recommendations in January, April, and August of each year.