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    The Interventions Department supports campuses in developing Response to Intervention (RTI) systems for students struggling in reading, math, and/or behavior. If your student faces challenges in these areas, the campus has a system to address these deficits during the school day to help them close the gap.

    For reading difficulties, both campuses and home support should focus on foundational reading skills, including phonological awareness, phonic knowledge, and reading fluency. These skills are crucial for your child to become a successful reader at their grade level.

    When implementing reading interventions, it's essential to identify the specific area where a student has the most deficits. These deficits begin with phonemic awareness and progress through phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

    The first step in initiating interventions for a student is to pinpoint the domain where their deficits are most pronounced. While it may appear that a student's primary struggle is comprehension, often their weaknesses are rooted in the foundational levels, affecting their overall comprehension abilities.

    If you have questions or concerns related to interventions in Houston Independent School District, contact a member of the Interventions Department by clicking here or email HISDInterventionsDepartment@houstonisd.org.

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