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    The Office of Budgeting and Financial Planning is divided into three areas; School-Based Budgeting, Special Revenue Budgeting, and Budget Operations and Review.


    School-Based Budgeting is responsible for:
    • Budgetary support for all school-based General Operating Funds
    • Balancing and loading of school-based budgets into the district's financial system
    • "Budget Coding Process" publication and training
    • "Resource Allocation Handbook" publication and training
    • Monitoring schools' General Funds for expenditure and coding compliance


    Special Revenue Budgeting is responsible for:

    • Budgetary support for all Special Revenue Funds/Grants
    • Balancing and loading of Special Revenue budgets into the districts' financial system
    • Monitoring of Special Revenue fund conditions including allowed expenditures and correct coding
    • Special Revenue budget training


    Budget Operations and Review is responsible for:

    • Budgetary support for all Central Office Departments, Food Services, Enterprise Funds, Capital Projects, and Internal Service Divisions
    • Position Management support and processing
    • General Ledger Payroll Processing
    • Maintenance of SAP (Financial) and Budget Master Data
    • State, local, and federal revenue and expenditure projections
    • Reporting of districts' annual budgeted financial data to the TEA through PEIMS
    • Preparation and balancing of the district's annual budget for loading into the districts financial system
    • Monitoring of correct coding, balances, and usage of the district revenues and expenditure accounts
    • Office of Budgeting and Financial Planning website maintenance
    • Central Office budget training

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    Timothy Momanyi
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